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Policies and Agreements

We regularly negotiate and draft policies, memoranda, and agreements to protect employers, including:

  • Substance Abuse Testing Policy and Documents, required under Maryland law to be able to drug test applicants and employees
  • Hire Letters, Employment Applications, and other Onboarding Documents, allowing employers to navigate the complicated landscape of federal, state and local laws
  • Employment Agreements, including provisions contained therein protecting trade secret and other confidential information
  • Retention Bonus/Stay Bonus Agreements, including provisions used when a company is sold in order to retain key staff and managers or generally, to retain staff where recruitment challenges or labor shortages exist
  • Covenants restricting employees’ rights to compete with former employers, solicit former employees or clients, or to utilize protected information
  • Severance Agreements, requiring employees to release all claims against the employer, to the extent permitted by law
  • Employer Handbooks, regularly updated to comply with the constantly changing legal landscape
Serotte, Rockman & Wescott, P.A
  • Freestanding Leave Policies, compliant with all federal, state, and local sick leave laws
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Documents, tailored to your business, and easily modifiable for every situation
  • Confessed Judgment Promissory Notes, should an employee loan situation arise
  • Banning Letters, for unwanted visitors upon an employer’s premises
  • Settlement Agreements, creating final resolution of legal claims or litigation for employers